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Did you know that until about 37 million years ago what is now the Pyrenees was covered by the sea?
About 65,000 years ago the Pyrenean glaciers had a length of about 25 km?
From Aguas Blancas we want to offer another way to enjoy your holiday, every day with more boom among visitors to our beautiful region of Sobrarbe.
The uniqueness of our landscape led to the creation of Sobrarbe Geopark (figure endorsed by UNESCO). Thanks to this academic work, our guides are in possession of the certificate of "Guide of geologic patrimony of Sobrarbe".
You will understand why the current modeling of the landscape around you. For what is this. How do you understand. And so, from the knowledge, come to love it as we do.

Description: Different routes through the Sobrarbe Geopark environment where you can enjoy learning the secrets of why the current modeling of our territory. The tours range from urban routes, such as the geological setting of the village of L'Ainsa, walks to the most emblematic valleys, as Ordesa, Pineta, Añisclo, and even uncover the mysteries of the formation of the wonderful Ibón de Plan (Basa de la Mora).
Location / Travel: The Sobrarbe region offers many opportunities to enjoy geology. There are over thirty routes prepared to choose the one you want.
Difficulty: Different levels, depending on the route chosen.
Duration: From two hours for urban route L'Ainsa, to routes that involve the whole day.
Equipment: Suitable clothing and footwear for the activity. We also recommend pad and pencil to take notes and make simple drawings that help us better understand explanations, and will always be a pleasant memory of our geological adventure.
Season: All year, if weather permits.
Age / Conditions: A minimum of fitness for longer tours. For all audiences.
Price: from 35 € / person, depending on tour.. Request a quote for groups.


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