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AutogPeña 01



Description: Flights in a twoseats autogyro of different duration (from 15 until 60 minutes). The monitor pilots the device in the surroundings of the reservoir of Mediano and the Entremón. To fly in these places of the Pyrenees, with the reservoir below, it produces an indescribable sensation, only the one that has realized it knows what one feels.
Place / trip: The exit is realized in the village of Coscojuela de Sobrarbe, ten minutes from L'Aínsa, and the trip changes according to the employed time.
Difficulty: None, because of is the monitor the one that pilots the device.
Duration: From 15 until 60 minutes
Equipment: Clothes of overcoat.
Age / Condition: From six years. No special condition is necessary.


15' - 55 €
20' - 69 €
30' - 99 €
40' - 120 €
60' - 185 € 





Description: Paragliding-tandem (with a guide) and workshops, as well as aircraft or microlight flights. Unique experience of flying and see from above all the magnificent scenery offered the Aragonese Pyrenees.
Location / Travel: In Castejón de Sos, known as one of the best places in Spain for paragliding, for their flight conditions and takeoffs.
Difficulty: Since tandem flights (with monitor) to learn all the secrets of the sport taking a course.
Duration: The tourist flights take approximately 20-35 minutes. The courses are of several days.
Equipment: All necessary equipment is provided. You are advised to wear hiking boots.
Season: From spring to fall.Age / Conditions: Just like flying needed.


5' - 60 €
15' - 70 €
20' - 100 €

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