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Description: A via ferrata is an athletic itinerary located on a rock face, equipped with specific elements: cables, ladders, dowels, steps, Tibetan bridges, etc. to facilitate progress and optimize the safety of people who use it. Once up, the descent becomes a path or normal way of an excursion.
Place / Route: The route takes place in a natural setting with beautiful aerial views.
Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: 2 h to 3 h.
Equipment: Comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended, is facilitated all the technical stuff.
Season: All year.
Age / Conditions: recommended from 11 years, for people who have no fear of heights.






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Description: Tour riding on one of the most beautiful places in the Pyrenees: Sobrarbe. All mounts are guided by monitors.
Location / Travel: Different paths along the banks of the river Ara in Sarvisé (Huesca).
Difficulty: None.
Duration: Tours from one hour to five days.
Equipment: It is recommended to take long trousers. All necessary materials will be provided.
Season: All year.
Age / Conditions: Suitable for all audiences minimum age 6 years.


1 h - 15 €
2 h - 30 €
3 h - 50 € (this price includes lunch)
4 h - 60 € (this price includes lunch)

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Description: Flights in a twoseats autogyro of different duration (from 15 until 60 minutes). The monitor pilots the device in the surroundings of the reservoir of Mediano and the Entremón. To fly in these places of the Pyrenees, with the reservoir below, it produces an indescribable sensation, only the one that has realized it knows what one feels.
Place / trip: The exit is realized in the village of Coscojuela de Sobrarbe, ten minutes from L'Aínsa, and the trip changes according to the employed time.
Difficulty: None, because of is the monitor the one that pilots the device.
Duration: From 15 until 60 minutes
Equipment: Clothes of overcoat.
Age / Condition: From six years. No special condition is necessary.


15' - 55 €
20' - 69 €
30' - 99 €
40' - 120 €
60' - 185 € 





Description: Paragliding-tandem (with a guide) and workshops, as well as aircraft or microlight flights. Unique experience of flying and see from above all the magnificent scenery offered the Aragonese Pyrenees.
Location / Travel: In Castejón de Sos, known as one of the best places in Spain for paragliding, for their flight conditions and takeoffs.
Difficulty: Since tandem flights (with monitor) to learn all the secrets of the sport taking a course.
Duration: The tourist flights take approximately 20-35 minutes. The courses are of several days.
Equipment: All necessary equipment is provided. You are advised to wear hiking boots.
Season: From spring to fall.Age / Conditions: Just like flying needed.


5' - 60 €
15' - 70 €
20' - 100 €

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Description: This is a splendid landscape through a cave with 1,3 km in length, located in the valley of Añisclo. With abundant passages, sculptures, etc. The return can be combined with canyoning.

Location / Travel: Añisclo Valley.

Difficulty: Low difficulty in travel and activity.

Duration: Three to six hours; it depends if you do canyoning or not.

Equipment: We supply overall, socks, headlamp, and if the ravine, all you need for it (wetsuit, footwear and climbing gear). You should wear comfortable clothing (tracksuit type), towel and swimsuit.

Season: All year.

Age / Conditions: Suitable for all audiences except people with claustrophobia.


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Presentation: Guided introduction tour to mycology to collect mushrooms in places that usually appear, but we can not confirm their findings. Scientific and popular names and explanations of how to collect mushrooms environmentally friendly will say. In the event that the harvested are edible, we will say some simple recipe or method of preservation.
Objectives: As Sobrarbe is a paradise for mushroom pickers, with these mycological outputs we try to publicize some of the most emblematic fungi in the area as they could be robellones (Lactarius deliciosus), ceps (Boletus edulis and sp.), parasol (Macrolepiota procera) and a long etc.
We also aims to draw attention to the mushroom causes more deaths in Spain, Amanita phalloides, and another that could lead to serious poisoning. All this will lead us to lose our fear, but with caution and knowledge to our friends the mushrooms.
We differentiate collection modes, as for consumption or for further study.
To encourage all this, in addition to the explanations that the guide will give, each participant will be giving away a knife specially designed to facilitate the collection of mushrooms.
Activity / Duration: 5 to 6 hours (depending on the site chosen).
Difficulty: Suitable for everyone.
Start time: 9:00 h.
Meeting place: Aguas Blancas activity base in Aínsa.
Materials needed: comfortable clothes, raincoat, walking boots, own vehicle. Basket will be provided and a knife to collect will be given away.
Age / conditions: No special physical form, only people over six years willing to walk through the woods is necessary.
Season: Fall and Spring.


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Description: Course for beginners and advanced climbing in all its forms. Learning basic management techniques in climbing ropes and then discovering roped climbing routes in more than one length.

Location / Travel: The introductory courses are carried out in a climbing wall or a school nearby and progression as climbing will be rendered outputs to different areas of the Pyrenees.

Difficulty: The difficulty will be in progression as level is gained: low, medium, high.

Duration: The courses can be half day or full day.

Equipment: All specific climbing gear will be provided: ropes, harnesses, belts, etc.

Season: All year.

Age / Conditions: Suitable for everyone with minimal sporting spirit.


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