TLF: 974.510.008

- At the time of registration, you must paid 10 € per person and activity and not considering any reservations until such deposit is made.

- If the customer cancels the eve contracted activity, he shall pay a penalty in the following amounts:


A) 40% within 48 hours before the activity.


B) 100% in case of non-attendance or cancel the day of the activity.

- Aguas Blancas reserves the right to refuse admission to all activities organized.

- Any decision made by the guide during the development of the activity in relation to your safety, must be respected by the client, otherwise, the guide may cancel the activity being returned satisfied customer refund amount.

- Aguas Blancas reserves the right to modify the program of activities, totally or partially, if for reasons beyond their control (weather, variations in flow, adverse conditions), having the right clients reimbursement amount paid.

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