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Rafting Ara


The most beautiful rafting that can be done in Spain. The canyon at river Ara allows us to make a spectacular rafting at the foot of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park.



Get into the inside of a hollowed out mountain river. You can swim for its beautiful ponds and you can descend by its waterfalls. You've probably never seen such a beautiful landscape.


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Hop on an inflatable boat with a friend and controls the boat yourself. A guide will tell you how and where you have to descend.



Practice climbing in nature. From an introductory course to learn the most advanced safety techniques.

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If we do not meet a minimum of four people we will cancel the reservation of the pack and you can order activities separately.

Prices per person: 117-132 €, depending on the activity chosen for Sunday

It includes:
Hostel accommodation in A Borda Felices (Broto). 1 or 2 nights: 20 € / 40 €
Double room with bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi.

09:00 - Mycological hiking, € 49 (Place of meeting Broto)
21:00 - Dinner at the hostel mycological + grilled edible mushrooms collected. € 15

SUNDAY (to choose):
10:00 - Canyoning, 48 € (Place of meeting Broto) or
10:00 - Via Ferrata, 48 € (Place of meeting Broto) or
10:30 - Canoeing half day, € 33 (Place of meeting in L'Aínsa)

A Borda Felices - 974 486 222 / 636 449 347 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aguas Blancas - 974 510 008 / 629 261 372- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Family rafting

rafting familiar

You can do rafting the whole family in our family trip at river Ésera. Fun and no hassle.

Via Ferrata


If you want to know what feels a climber climb with us a via ferrata. You will go very safe and you will reach the highest peaks of the climb.



Learn with us one of the most exciting sports that the rivers can provide. You will sail by beautiful landscapes controlling the boat yourself.



Curso de Monitor de piragüismo nivel I

curso entrenador bloque

¿Tienes interés en realizar el Curso de Monitor/a de Piragüismo de nivel I? Pincha en la foto y descubre cómo acceder